Results of F.O.G.H.A.T. 2005: Fool for the City


F.O.G.H.A.T. 2005 was held at Northwestern on October 22, 2005 and won by Wonka Puppet Hospital and Burn Ward (Craig Barker, Catherine Haremski, Leah Williams and Geoff Zmylowski). Wonka went 12-2 overall. They finished first in the round robin and thus had the top seed in the double elimination playoffs, which they won by beating 2nd Place Smurfnica twice in the finals. Detailed results of the competition follow including:


      Final Standings


      Other Awards

      Playoff Scoreboard

      Consolation Scoreboard

      Round Robin


Final Standings


  1. Wonka Puppet Hospital and Burn Ward

        Roster:  Craig Barker, Catherine Haremski, Geoff Zmylowski, Leah Williams

        Record:  12-2 Overall, 8-1 Round Robin, 4-1 Playoffs

        Prizes:   The FOG Hat, a monitor shelf "similar to items seen on TV", framed pictures of Tom DeLay's mugshot and trashy games like Law & Order, Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Deathmatch and McNugget Masquerade


2.  Smurfnica

        Roster:  Keith Hudson, Jason Schwengler, Joe Wright

        Record:  9-4 Overall, 7-2 Round Robin, 2-2 Playoffs

        Prizes:  The Tom Cruise Reading List:  Dianetics and 4 Dawson's Creek novels


  1. Me and You and Everyone We Gerbil

        Roster:  Greg Sorenson, Kirsti MacPherson, Mark Coen, Chris Rosenberg

        Record:  8-4 Overall, 7-2 Round Robin, 1-2 Playoffs

        Prizes:  Beanie Baby hockey player and figurines of Pavel Bure plus an Anna Kourinikova cell phone cover


  1. Western Indiana Bible College

        Roster:  Stan Jastrzebski, Eric Berman, Sarah Mordan McCombs, Mike Philpy

        Record:  7-4 Overall, 7-2 Round Robin, 0-2 Playoffs

        Prizes:  His Essence candle (that smells like Jesus per its creators) and VHS copies of Left Behind 2. Don't believe us?


  1. License to IL

        Roster:  Robert Flaxman, Alma Molina, Colby Burnett, Charlie Baumhart

        Record:  8-4 Overall, 6-3, Round Robin, 2-1 Consolation

        Prizes:  Paul Sr. figurine from American Chopper and copies of Evel Kneivel and BMX Bandits DVDs


  1. We Were Negging Before You Punks Were Born

        Roster:  Lorin Burte, Harry Shearing, Ron Barth

        Record:  7-5 Overall, 4-5 Round Robin, 3-0 Consolation

        Prizes:  A bag of Simpsons dog chew toys (including Grandpa's teeth) and puzzles


  1. Quel Scandal!

        Roster:  Sean Phillips, Lori Currier, Matt Schneider

        Record:  4-8 Overall, 3-6 Round Robin, 1-2 Consolation

        Prizes:  Die-casts of Monster Garage projects


  1. The 4 Guys You Can't Tackle in Tecmo Bowl (Northwestern)

        Roster:  Jeff Crockett, Renee Calvert, Mike Bisberg, Anthony Walters, Vishal Saxena

        Record: 4-8 Overall, 2-7 Round Robin, 2-1 Consolation

        Prizes:  Copy of Gamera vs. Monster X and monster figures


  1. DePauw DUCKS

        Roster:  Adam Heien, Anna Garst, Brent Nakano, Brett Inamona

        Record:  1-11 Overall, 0-9 Round Robin, 1-2 Consolation

        Prizes:  CD-ROM Fishing Diary and Free Willy 2 trading cards


  1. Rose Hulman Llamanauts

        Roster:  Chris Grubb, Amber Pennington, Roger Dinius, Stephen Galler

        Record:  1-11 Overall, 1-8 Round Robin, 0-3 Consolation

        Prizes:  Partridge Family Bus die-cast and ribbons saying "I Try My Best", "Perfect Attendance", etc.



The top ten leading scorers from the round robin were named All-Stars. Craig Barker received a Foghat CD and Spider Man bubble bath with Spider Man getting way too intimate with the building he was on. The other nine received prizes such as a Pat Robertson novel, a cookbook by a wrestling announcer, a Phil Collins "Video 45", a Madonna tribute CD, Ethan Hawke's novel Ash Wednesday, "Paige by Paige" a Trading Spaces book, an Orrin Hatch book, etc. Your 2005 F.O.G.H.A.T. All-Stars


      1. Craig Barker, Wonka, 96.11 PPG
      2. Greg Sorenson, Gerbil, 55.56 PPG
      3. Sean Phillips, Scandal, 49.44 PPG
      4. Robert Flaxman, License, 48.33 PPG
      5. Eric Berman, WIBC, 46.67 PPG

Mark Coen, Gerbil, 46.67 PPG

7.      Keith Hudson, Smurfnica, 44.44 PPG

8.      Colby Burnett, License, 36.67 PPG

9.      Joe Wright, Smurfnica, 32.22 PPG

10. Mike Bisberg, Tecmo, 31.67 PPG


Other Awards

Negging was the top punting team and received a Hulk football. They averaged 28 points per bonus punted to the other team.


Wonka and License tied for the best Punt Return average at 16.7 points per bonus. Since Wonka finished first, License was given the return prize, a Darrel Green electronic playing card.


The award for buzzer aggression went to Harry Shearing, whose 9 interrupts led the field. His prize was a set of giant erasers.

Playoff Scoreboard

Wonka went into the double elimination playoffs as the top seed and emerged the victor. Here is the scoreboard for the playoff games.


  • 1st Round #1 vs #4: Wonka 390 WIBC 115

      Wonka: Barker 8-0, Haremski 0-0, Zmylowski 2-0, Williams 2-0

      WIBC: Jastrzebski 1-1; Berman 3-0, Philpy 1-0, McCombs 0-0

  • 1st Round #2 vs #3: Smurfnica 345 Gerbil 220

      Smurfnica: Hudson 3-0, Schwengler 3-0, Wright 4-1

      Gerbil: Coen 1-1, MacPherson 1-0, Sorenson 6-0, Rosenberg 0-1

  • 2nd Round: Smurfnica 300 Wonka 290

      Smurfnica: Hudson 4-0, Schwengler 1-0, Wright 4-2

      Wonka: Barker 7-0, Haremski 0-0, Zmylowski 2-0, Williams 0-0

  • 2nd Round: Gerbil 260 WIBC 250 (OT 21 TU)

      Gerbil: Rosenberg 3-1, Sorenson 6-0, MacPherson 0-0, Coen 2-1

      WIBC: McCombs 0-0, Philpy 3-2, Berman 3-2, Jastrzebski 3-0

  • 3rd Round: Wonka 310 Gerbil 235

      Wonka: Barker 6-1, Haremski 0-0, Zmylowski 4-0, Williams 0-0

      Gerbils: Rosenberg 2-0, MacPherson 0-0, Sorenson 4-0, Coen 2-0

  • Finals Round 1: Wonka 310 Smurfnica 80 (stopped after toss-up 15)

      Wonka: Williams 0-0, Zmylowski 3-0, Haresmski 0-0, Barker 6-1

      Smurfnica: Wright 1-1, Schwengler 1-0, Hudson 1-1

  • Finals Round 2 (toss-ups only): Wonka 90 Smurfnica 45 (stopped after toss-up 18)

      Wonka: Williams 2-0, Zmylowski 1-0, Haremski 0-0, Barker 6-2

      Smurfnica: Wright 1-1, Schwengler 2-2, Huson 3-0

Consolation Game Scoreboard

Teams ranked #5 through #7 played a round robin with the following results:

  • #5 vs #7: License 380 Scandal 130
  • #6 vs #7: Negging 210 Scandal 175
  • #5 vs #6: Negging 260 License 210


Teams ranked #8 through #10 played a round robin with the following results.

  • #8 vs #10: Tecmo 150 - DUCKS 100
  • #9 vs #10: DUCKS 120 Rose 85
  • #8 vs #9: Tecmo 165 Rose 135


During the two round robins, the bye team from the #5-7 bracket played the bye teams from #8-10 brackets with the following results:

  • #6 vs #9: Negging 275 Rose 70
  • #5 vs #8: License 280 Tecmo 130
  • #7 vs #10: Scandal 335 DUCKS 65

Round Robin

Teams were seeded #1 through #10 following a full round robin. Round robin results are covered in the following links to SQBS output:


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