(Face-Off Gauging High Achievement in Trash)

The “Official” Website of the Annual Open Pop Culture Quizbowl Tournament


F.O.G.H.A.T. 2006: Rock and/or Roll Results

The 2006 question set is on sale for $15 per set (11 packets).  E-mail Jeremy White for details.

F.O.G.H.A.T. History

How this thing got started and its past results


Darling Mookie

The Official Band of F.O.G.H.A.T.

Sample F.O.G.H.A.T. Packets

Some trashy blasts from the past

Jeremy White and Ben Lea, F.O.G.H.A.T.’s Executive Producers

Way more than you wanted to know about the people responsible for this thing.



Answers to a few of your questions.


For more information, e-mail tournament director Jeremy White.