F.O.G.H.A.T. Tournament Director

Jeremy McLain White

Jeremy’s Quizbowl “Career”

After leading Clinton (MO) High School to two conference championships, Jeremy took two years off from quizbowl to ponder his phenomenal success at Clinton High School.  At the University of Missouri-Rolla, he joined the Academic Competition Organization as a junior and became a two-time CBI Region 11 All-Star and a member of two Missouri State Champion teams.


Jeremy found gainful employment upon leaving Rolla and thought he had retired from quizbowl.  Then in November 1998, he stopped by his alma mater for a visit and met the new ACO advisor, Ben Lea, who used some kind of voodoo and convinced him he should use vacation time to drive to some nameless Tennessee hamlet and play in a trash tournament


Since then, Jeremy cannot quit playing trash.  He has been an open circuit regular of no fixed ability, but has a lamprey-like ability to latch onto excellent teammates, which is illustrated by the following list of…

Trash Tournament Wins

  • 2006 Trash Masters
  • 2006  Gottfried Keller Open
  • 2006  Ann B. Davis
  • 2005  TRASH Regionals (Dallas)
  • 2005  TRASHionals
  • 2005  ACF Detox
  • 2004  TRASH Regionals (Austin)
  • 2004  Duck Bowl
  • 2003  TRASH Regionals (Austin)
  • 2003  Duck Bowl
  • 2002  TRASH Regionals (Oklahoma)
  • 2002  Muck Masters
  • 2002  TRASHionals
  • 2001  TRASH Regionals (Ben’s Apartment)

Jeremy’s More Financially Rewarding Career

Jeremy is a chemical engineer working in hot-fill beverage package development for Pepsico.  In his nine-year career, Jeremy has had a hand in designing, developing and/or commercializing packages like Gatorade’s 24oz, 128oz and 64oz bottles.  During a five-month stint in process development, Jeremy worked on Gatorade’s ESPN: The Flavor, which, to answer a frequent question, did not contain “Essence of Dan Patrick.”  Jeremy’s work has been rewarded with a Gatorade Will to Win Award, a Gatorade Outstanding Individual Performance Award (a trip to the Super Bowl), a Keystone Award nomination and several paychecks.



The frightening face of F.O.G.H.A.T.



The Bill O’Reilly Shower Massage: Now with Penetrating Falafel Action!
2005 TRASHionals Champs

(L to R: White, Brian Hight, Mark Richey, Dave Murphy)



Defending his Worst Guitarist in the World title at a friend’s wedding.

Note the symbolic dumpster in the background.


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