F.O.G.H.A.T. 2001 Results


Congratulations to Tony Soprano's School of Waste Management--Biff DeBris aka Dave Murphy, Tony Soprano aka Brian Hight, Hesh Nutboy aka Jason Schwengler and Partho aka Chris Taylor--for going undefeated through the round robin and subsequent double elimination playoffs to take this years Fog Hat.  The team also won Iron Chefs magnets, Foghat signature guitar picks, the Dr. Laura board game and framed...ahem, "special" pictures of Dr. Laura tastefully edited by yours truly.


The Third -gry Word (Missouri-Columbia A) took second and won a Battlefield Earth Terl action figure, Battlebots keychains and Iron Chefs stickers.  Wichita State Alums took third and won a Crocodile Hunter hand-held video game, Futurama clickers and Iron Chefs bookmarks.  Jesus and the Doombots (who later somehow morphed into Jesus and the Jewbots) won an Iron Chefs poster and Star Wars Episode 1 super balls.


Full team standings are below.  I did not get all the consolation round scoresheets or results, so only the round robin results are presented for teams 5-9.


1.  Tony Soprano's School of Waste Management  8-0 RR, 3-0 P

2.  The Third -gry Word (MU A)  7-1 RR, 2-2 P

3.  Wichita State Alums  6-2 RR, 1-2 P

4.  Jesus and the Doombots (Oklahoma)  4-4 RR, 0-2 P

5.  Scientology Wow! (Wash U)  3-5 RR

6.  Illinois  3-5 RR

7.  Karaoke Fundies (MU B)  2-6 RR

8.  UMR and Alums  2-6 RR

9.  Geek Pantheon (Wichita State)  1-7 RR


Individual Scorers (Team) - PPG Round Robin - Prize


1.  Hairy Spice (-GRY) - 59.4 - "Lettin' It All Hang Out: The Autobiography of Ru Paul"

2.  Rob (WS Alums) - 42.5 - "Why We Watch: Killing the Gilligan Within"

3.  Tony Soprano (Soprano's) - 41.9 - "The Trials of Nikki Hill" by Christopher Darden

4.  MC L. Ron (Sci Wow!) -  38.1 - "The Wit and Wisdom of the Nanny"

5.  Biff DeBris (Soprano's) - 37.5 - Hercules the Legendary Journeys Fold-Out Map

6.  Yesu Bot (Doombots) - 30.0 - "Congo Jungle Journeys Activity Book"

7.  Hesh Nutboy (Soprano's) - 26.3 - "Imagen Viva" CD by Ruben Sierra

8.  Jason (Karaoke Fundies) - 22.5 - "House Broken" by Richard Karn

9.  Shotgun Spice - 20.6 - "Body Talk" mini-mag

10. Todd (Illinois) - 20.0 - "X-Files Lexicon"


Three teams successfully "blocked" a punted bonus and these teams--3rd Gry Word, Wichita State Alums and Scientology Wow--received an "official" flick football game, NFL pens and unused (obviously) St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup tickets respectively.  "Hairy Spice" was leading scorer for the tournament and a first time trash player and was thus obviously rookie of the year and received the Junior Novelization of Galaxy Quest.


Thanks are very much in order to Ben Lea for stellar assistant tournament directing and sport questions, to the Berkeley team for contributing 2 1/2 packets, to Paul Nelson for filling in with moderating, statkeeping and food delivery as needed, to Malcolm Hays for moderating and to Nathan Mundis, Matt Griffith and Brenda Driver for assisting early in the day and helping get us off to a good start.