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Con= gratulations to We Were Negging Before You Punks Were Born (Colby Burnett, Lorin Burte, Peter Bauer), the chapmpions of FOGHAT 2006: Ro= ck and/or Roll.  Negging went 5-1 in a double round robin then ran the table in the double eliminati= on playoffs that followed.  For their effo= rts, Negging received the fabulous FOG hat, an autographed= 8x10 picture of legendary Chicago White Sox outfield Johnny Dickshot, baseball cards of Johnny Dickshot, two copies o= f the Hercules and Xena Learning Adventure CD-Rom and two Celine Dion mousepads.


Sec= ond place Rock Around the Cloac= a (Greg Sorenson, Jan Zasowski, Scott Chupack) had a 4-2 round robin record and a 2-2 recor= d in the double elim.  Cloaca nearly forced a second game in the finals with an early scoring barrage, but ultimately fell 245-241.  Cloaca= took home a NASCAR themed prize package including a Jeff Gordon Star Wars Episode I d= ie cast car (featuring Jar Jar Binks), a Jeff Gordon night light, a Rusty Wallace night light and two Carl Edwards= air fresheners.


Thi= rd place was Fifty Ways to Leave Your Buzzer (Stan Jastrzebski, John Ki= lby), who went 3-3 in the round robin (and were the only team to beat Negging) and 1-2 in the double e= lim.  Fifty won a prize package featurin= g inappropriate licensing of candy brands including a Pez playi= ng card deck and lip gloss flavored like Junior Mints, Sugar Smacks, Sugar Dad= dy and Tootsie Rolls.


Rou= nding out the field in fourth was the Sienna Miller Fan Club (Ryan Balthasar (Jude Law), Alexandra Jeffords (Daisy Wrigh= t) and Erik Roth (Alfie)) who went 0-6 in the round ro= bin and 0-2 in the double elimination.  <= /span>They received a squirrel prize package including a Nuts the Squirrel Beanie Baby= and Hammy the squirrel toothbrushes.  Miller was also awarded the travel prize, a set of SNL themed die ca= st vehicles (a Swill truck, a little chocolate doughnuts truck and a Weekend Update news van).


Tou= rnament all-stars were awarded based on double round robin scores.  Colby Burnett was the RR leading s= corer and won the traditional Foghat CD for this achievement.  Following the fi= nals, an all-star shootout game was held to distribute the prizes, which included= an LP of Charlton Heston reading the Old Testament donated by Sean Phillips and a DVD of Cock Fighter and Cell Block Girls.  The All-Stars were:

1.      = Colby Burnett, Negging, 57.5 RR PPG

2.      = Greg Sorenson, Cloaca, 49.2

3.      = John Kilby, Fifty, 43.3

4.      = Stan Jast= rzebski, Fifty, 36.7

5.      = Lorin Burte, N= egging, 30.8

6.      = Jan Zasow= ski, Cloaca, 28.33


The= bonus punt blocking and bonus punt returning prizes went to Cloac= a who won a Milk Bone squeaky football, a small Marshall Faulk cardboard stan= d-up, a Gatorade T-shirt and a decorative hook with the New Orleans Saints logo on it.


Hea= ping helpings of thanks are due to several people for contributing to the tournament̵= 7;s success.  Noah Graf was my main contact at Northwestern and reserved rooms, compiled stats and helped do several unexpected last minute tasks for me when a death in my family requi= red me to make an unplanned 500-mile round trip immediately before the tournament.  Kevin Olmstead and Alexis Mansfield volunteered their time to help staff the tournament and several Northwestern folks helped staff for a few rounds.  Fabulous full rounds in full FOGHAT style were submitted by Craig Barker, Mike Burger, Brian Hight and James Quintong.  Alexis Mansfield submitted one toss-up and considerable squirrel research help.  Ben Lea, my co-executive producer, was not able to make it to FOGHAT this year, but submitted some questions and provided his excellent editing services.  Sean Phillips donated the excellen= t Heston LP previously mentioned.  The dollar stores of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago<= /st1:place> contributed by stocking such fabulously ironic merchandise.  Finally, a big thanks to everyone who came to play.


Tha= nks,


Jer= emy White

Co-= Executive Producer F.O.G.H.A.T. 2006