Darling Mookie




Darling Mookie kicks out the jams for their adoring fans.

(From L to R: Lea, White, Taylor)



Darling Mookie is the world’s finest sports-oriented parody band.  They perform the works of lyric writing duo Lea & White, whose compositions are nearly as saucy as the work of Lea & Perrins.


Darling Mookie’s exclusive gigs just happen to coincide with quizbowl tournaments including three F.O.G.H.A.T.s.

Who is Darling Mookie?

  • Vocalist: Ben Lea
  • Guitarist: Jeremy White
  • Bass and Sitar if it ever comes up:  Chris “Partho” Taylor
  • Hypothetical Percussionist:  Brandon Champan


Darling Mookie Lyrics

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