F.O.G.H.A.T. 2006: Rock and/or Roll Results


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Congratulations to We Were Negging Before You Punks Were Born (Colby Burnett, Lorin Burte, Peter Bauer), the chapmpions of FOGHAT 2006: Rock and/or Roll.  Negging went 5-1 in a double round robin then ran the table in the double elimination playoffs that followed.  For their efforts, Negging received the fabulous FOG hat, an autographed 8x10 picture of legendary Chicago White Sox outfield Johnny Dickshot, baseball cards of Johnny Dickshot, two copies of the Hercules and Xena Learning Adventure CD-Rom and two Celine Dion mousepads.


Second place Rock Around the Cloaca (Greg Sorenson, Jan Zasowski, Scott Chupack) had a 4-2 round robin record and a 2-2 record in the double elim.  Cloaca nearly forced a second game in the finals with an early scoring barrage, but ultimately fell 245-241.  Cloaca took home a NASCAR themed prize package including a Jeff Gordon Star Wars Episode I die cast car (featuring Jar Jar Binks), a Jeff Gordon night light, a Rusty Wallace night light and two Carl Edwards air fresheners.


Third place was Fifty Ways to Leave Your Buzzer (Stan Jastrzebski, John Kilby), who went 3-3 in the round robin (and were the only team to beat Negging) and 1-2 in the double elim.  Fifty won a prize package featuring inappropriate licensing of candy brands including a Pez playing card deck and lip gloss flavored like Junior Mints, Sugar Smacks, Sugar Daddy and Tootsie Rolls.


Rounding out the field in fourth was the Sienna Miller Fan Club (Ryan Balthasar (Jude Law), Alexandra Jeffords (Daisy Wright) and Erik Roth (Alfie)) who went 0-6 in the round robin and 0-2 in the double elimination.  They received a squirrel prize package including a Nuts the Squirrel Beanie Baby and Hammy the squirrel toothbrushes.  Miller was also awarded the travel prize, a set of SNL themed die cast vehicles (a Swill truck, a little chocolate doughnuts truck and a Weekend Update news van).


Tournament all-stars were awarded based on double round robin scores.  Colby Burnett was the RR leading scorer and won the traditional Foghat CD for this achievement.  Following the finals, an all-star shootout game was held to distribute the prizes, which included an LP of Charlton Heston reading the Old Testament donated by Sean Phillips and a DVD of Cock Fighter and Cell Block Girls.  The All-Stars were:

1.       Colby Burnett, Negging, 57.5 RR PPG

2.       Greg Sorenson, Cloaca, 49.2

3.       John Kilby, Fifty, 43.3

4.       Stan Jastrzebski, Fifty, 36.7

5.       Lorin Burte, Negging, 30.8

6.       Jan Zasowski, Cloaca, 28.33


The bonus punt blocking and bonus punt returning prizes went to Cloaca who won a Milk Bone squeaky football, a small Marshall Faulk cardboard stand-up, a Gatorade T-shirt and a decorative hook with the New Orleans Saints logo on it.


Heaping helpings of thanks are due to several people for contributing to the tournament’s success.  Noah Graf was my main contact at Northwestern and reserved rooms, compiled stats and helped do several unexpected last minute tasks for me when a death in my family required me to make an unplanned 500-mile round trip immediately before the tournament.  Kevin Olmstead and Alexis Mansfield volunteered their time to help staff the tournament and several Northwestern folks helped staff for a few rounds.  Fabulous full rounds in full FOGHAT style were submitted by Craig Barker, Mike Burger, Brian Hight and James Quintong.  Alexis Mansfield submitted one toss-up and considerable squirrel research help.  Ben Lea, my co-executive producer, was not able to make it to FOGHAT this year, but submitted some questions and provided his excellent editing services.  Sean Phillips donated the excellent Heston LP previously mentioned.  The dollar stores of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago contributed by stocking such fabulously ironic merchandise.  Finally, a big thanks to everyone who came to play.




Jeremy White

Co-Executive Producer F.O.G.H.A.T. 2006


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